Jamesville Reservoir

Preservation Association

Updated July 11, 2006


Jamesville Reservoir Preservation Association

Dedicated to the preservation of quality of Jamesville Reservoir

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1st annual 4th of July boat Parade

This year a new tradition has been added to Jamesville Reservoir. We had a wonderful turnout for our first boat parade. Thank you to all who participated and showed your patriotism. We are planning a boat parade for Labor Day as well. The theme will be "come as your favorite movie." So put on your thinking caps and join us for this event too...

Old news

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Rodney is a Bald Eagle that Set up residency on

the reservoir during the Summer of 2003

Photos courtesy of David Broda

Support the Jamesville Reservoir Preservation Association.

Support the Jamesville Reservoir Preservation Association. 

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Jamesville Reservoir Preservation Association

PO Box 641

Jamesville, NY 13078


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Current weather in Jamesville

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Jamesville Weather Forecast, NY (13078)

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